Death is a final "fuck you" to the world.

"Being a person is getting too complicated."

- Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman (via narobe)

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i cant stop laughing at that the fault in our stars clip like hes buying cigarettes and never smoking them as a metaphor??? bitch if you gonna be pretentious find a way to do it for free dont make yourself broke

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do you ever have those people that just annoy you so much and you don’t even know why but they just infuriate you

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seriously if u wanna be friends just send me hi 

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Kid: Yeah give me a pack of Marlboro Reds.
Cashier: Are you 18?
Kid: It's okay, they're a metaphor.


*points at lunar eclipse* what the fuck is this, some tumblr social justice bullshit?

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my heart says yes but my mom says no

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